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Court Docket

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The daily court docket is available each afternoon prior to the posted date by email from Johnson County Court Administration. Schedules are posted here as a courtesy by volunteers assisting in the consistent updating of the Johnson County Bar Association website. If you do not find a schedule for a particular court, it is because we did not receive it or because there are no events scheduled in that court. Schedules are subject to change, and any practitioner or party should check directly with Court Administration for current information: 319-356-6060.

Daily list of scheduled matters in district court.

District Associate Court Schedule--Burns

Matters before District Associate Judge Burns.

District Associate Court Schedule--Schrock

Matters before District Associate Judge Schrock.

Juvenile Court Schedule--Black

Matters before District Associate Judge Black.

Scheduled matters in magistrate court, all in Courtroom 2B.

Courtroom 2A at the Johnson County, Iowa Courthouse
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